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The Brisa

"The Brisa" is a box full of happy tools and treats, sure to bring a smile to every Mumzee. The perfect gift to yourself for being amazing or any breastfeeding Mumzee in your life!

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The Sophie

Three Irrisistable, Chewy, Mumzees Lactation* Cookies sit pretty, alongside Mumzees Calming Tata Tea. A pink Silicone stainless steel tea infuser accompanies the 2 oz bag of loose leaf lactation* tea and cookie trio. A happy little reminder for you or a fellow mama that “you’re the real Dairy Queen!”


Mumzees Lactation* Cookies

Soft, chewy and just the right amount of sweet. You'll be hooked on Mumzees' gourmet lactation* cookies from the very first delicious bite.

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Mumzees Seasonal Lactation* Cookies


A message from the creator of mumzees

"Everything changes the moment we find out we are expecting. I always think of the book "The Giving Tree," by Shel Silverstein when trying to illustrate a mother's selflessness. We give every ounce of ourselves to our babies. As beautiful as it is, it can undoubtedly be hard at times. Learning to breastfeed was the biggest challenge for me when I had my eldest, Sophia. We were both new at it and let's just say, we both shed a lot of tears. Not only would I have loved a Mumzees box back then, I needed one. That's why I set out to create something that speaks to breastfeeding mothers and makes them feel as special and invincible as they are, especially when the struggle is the realest. No matter your background, likes, dislikes, etc., we (mothers) are united in motherhood and I want Mumzees to be a manifestation of the powerful bond we share. Wherever you are in your breastfeeding journey, I hope opening a Mumzees box feels like a big warm hug and puts a smile on your face. I've been there too, and I've got your back Mumzee."


"I absolutely love everything about Mumzees! Their Cookies are EVERYTHING you could ever wish for! My favorite being the Oat Chocolate Chunk. Their teas are super calming and relaxing. This doesn't even include me saying how it actually works wonders!!! My little one is only 5 weeks old and I already have pretty large frozen stash supply, while stricltly only breastfeeding. Strongly recommend it to anyone who is really trying to breastfeed."

-Elizabeth A.

”omggg these cookies are amazing! So fresh, chewy, and most definitely boost your supply!”

-Brittany C.

“I got the Brisa box from a friend and it was such a lovely surprise! The packaging is beautiful and the cookies are delicious!”

-Michelle L.

“I love receiving my Mumzees orders! I breastfeed my daughter and pump for a girlfriend’s baby as well so i need to keep my supply up! The Lactation cookies WORK!”

-Lauren D.

“I sent the Brisa box to a new mom and she absolutely loved it! This box is the perfect gift!
-Megan G.

“The best Lactation cookies! they are so soft and delicious! The owner is so kind! I cant wait to try the tea tonight!”

-Madelyne D.

“I gifted one of my Newly mom friends the Brisa box and she texted me the BEST heart warming response. She said it was the most thoughtful gift and she devoured the delicious cookies right away. I love the practically and message of this gift. 10/10 recommend.

-Raissa S.

“Mumzees has made my nursing journey so much better! The Lactation cookies are so delicious and really help keep my milk supply up. I truly have to stop myself from eating too many in one sitting. I highly recommend Mumzees to all nursing mamas or as a gift to start a new moms nursing journey!”

-Stephanie S.

“An amazing gift idea, all breastfeeding moms need a Mumzees box!!”

-Gabriel B.