Our Story

"Everything changes the moment we find out we are expecting. I always think of the book "The Giving Tree," by Shel Silverstein when trying to illustrate a mother's selflessness. We give every ounce of ourselves to our babies. As beautiful as it is, it can undoubtedly be hard at times. Mumzees is not just a brand, but a mission to put the care and nurturing of the postpartum, breastfeeding mother, at the forefront of the newborn stage and beyond.

Learning to breastfeed was the biggest challenge for me when I had my eldest, Sophia. We were both new at it and let's just say, we both shed a lot of tears. I believe many mothers have similar experiences when learning to breastfeed, so It is crucial that mothers have a safe space to acknowledge difficulties they may be facing and for those around them to care for them, uplift and empower them as they navigate through so much. I have breastfeed all three of my babies and still going strong, and I have had to go through that initial learning curve with each of my babies. When learning to breastfeed that first time, not only would I have loved a Mumzees box, I needed one, and with each baby thereafter, my Mumzees box and cookies were right by my side!

There is no shame in acknowledging the difficulties that come with motherhood and breastfeeding, and I encourage any all mamas to speak out. That's why I set out to create something that speaks to breastfeeding mothers and makes them feel as special and invincible as they are. Especially when the struggle is the realest. 

No matter your background, beliefs, or even your favorite cookie flavor, we (mothers) are united in motherhood and I want Mumzees to be a tool to lift our fellow mamas up when they are down, and may that be a manifestation of the powerful bond we share.

Wherever you are in your breastfeeding journey, I hope opening a Mumzees box feels like a big warm hug and puts a smile on your face. I've been there too, and I've got your back Mumzee."

Hey Mumzee,

Thanks so much for being here. We hope to be a part of all your happiest milk making days and beyond!

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